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Can you really make white and black concrete floors?

Yes. We really can make totally white and black concrete floors.


What size areas can be made without joints?

We can make floors without any joints or saw cuts and we can even remove old saw cuts on new floors. Alternatively you can also use the sawcuts as decorative elements.


Where do you work?

We work in most European countries, Northern America, Northern Africa, Russian Federation and India.


Do you install small projects?

We install all kind of projects, from private houses, small decorative jobs to shopping centers, large open spaces in museums, bilarge factories and other industrial installations.


Do they not get dirty?

All floors get dirty, but all our floors, including the white concrete floors, are easy to clean and maintain. Sib offers full system cleaning and maintenance of floors.


Do you have samples?

We have a range of popular terrazzo and colour samples. Special and custom samples can be made on request. Enter the base color, size and type of filling. The questionnaire is on the contact page.

Do you have sites to show?

Yes, we have many addresses where you can see our work in a commercial, retail or factory environment.


What depth should your concrete floor be laid in?

We make toppings from 2mm thickness (SibMicrodure), 10 mm thickness (SibExtrme). All jobs are different, so please contact us.

Does floor heating work well with concrete?

Yes concrete conducts and stores heat well. The floor acts as a huge storage heater giving off a very pleasant feel.

Can the floors be laid outside?

Yes, floors can be installed outside.

Can your concrete floors be used in a wet room?

Yes, it is possible .


What colour can the SIB floor be?

We have a range of popular colours, but we are able to match custom colours.


Do the floors have to be shiny?

No, you are free to choose the degree of gloss that suits your project.

How long will a floor take to install?

It depends on the size of the project, surface preparation and the solution selected. 100-1000 m2 projects can normally be laid and finished in one week.


Can we use stainless steel or brass as joints?

This is possible and can look very good.

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