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In the system of Sib, to realize the full vision of the architect, you can use any colour matrix from the RAL / NCS and any aggregate, glass, chips, shells or other fillers.

Systems SibExtreme do not need any joints. We can create a very large floor area without any joints.

We can produce every colour of the floor, from a pure white to a deep black.

Sib Terrazzo floors have the highest strength parameters of mineral floors and flexibility parameters as resin floors.

Thanks to endless possibilities of composition we can produce unique, personalized and exclusive designs for special and demanding customers.

We can create colourful designs, logos, etc. All without joints between colours.

Using the system Sib Duroflex, we can make the floor resistant to external factors.

The Sib also offers primers, sleepers compensatory, sleepers structural, sealers, sealants, coatings and cleaning products.

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